Toronto International 
Rifle & Pistol Club 
Welcomes You!

Toronto International 
Rifle & Pistol Club

Est. 2019

Application & Pricing 

Please note that we only accept cash, cheque and EMT as forms of payment.

Membership Pricing 

Full Member                                                  

First Year:

Membership Fee                                                 $550

Initiation Fee                                                        $500

Orientation Course                                             $100

SFC Membership (Insurance)                            $  10

Subsequent Years:

Membership Fee                                                 $550

SFC Membership (Insurance)                            $  10

Associate Member                                       

(Spouse of Full Member, or child under 21, in school full time, living at home)                                             

                First Year:

Membership Fee                                                  $275

Safety Course Fee                                               $100

SFC Membership (Insurance)                            $  10

Subsequent Years:

Membership Fee                                                  $275

SFC Membership (Insurance)                             $ 10

Junior Member                                             

(Under 18 Years of age and the child of a full member)                                                                     

First Year:

Membership Fee                                                  $150

Safety Course Fee                                                $  25

SFC Membership (Insurance)                            $  10

Subsequent Years:

Membership Fee                                                  $150

SFC Membership (Insurance)                            $  10

All Fees are subject to HST. 

Fees are due in full at time of your safety course and will come due annually on the 1st of the month following the month you completed the safety course. (For example if you joined and completed the safety course April 15th 2018, your first years fee's will be paid in full on April 15th. Your subsequent years fees will be due on the 1st of May. 

*We reserve the right to change or modify our pricing and policies at our discretion. 



Before indicating that you are 

interested in becoming a member

please be sure that the facility 

and club offerings suit what you 

are looking for.

Make sure our facility allows the

 calibres and has the distances 

you are looking to shoot BEFORE

 applying to be considered for


Thank you!

Application Information


Please be aware that filling out the following information does not guarantee you a membership with Toronto International Rifle & Pistol Club. It is indicating that you would like to be added to the list to be considered for membership when we have openings at the club.

All applicants will have to successfully complete the Membership Application Process, including an interview, and probationary period - as set out in the Membership Policy & Club By-Laws.

Please check your spam folder for emails from [email protected] - or add us as a contact to prevent missing important updates.

We look forward to meeting you and having you join the all new Toronto International Rifle & Pistol Club!


Please be aware that we have an approx 8-12 month waiting list as of August 2020. We thank you for your interest but we have a limited amount of new seats per year and select those who will best fit with the goals and needs of the club.


Thank you for your interest in Toronto International Rifle & Pistol Club

Please add [email protected] to your email contacts to ensure that you do not miss out on important emails. You can unsubscribe at any time by sending us an email with "Unsubscribe" in the subject line.

We will contact you when we begin to schedule our Club Orientation Courses and have an idea of what month you will be up for membership.